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For more than 13 years we offer tourism and active leisure production wholesale services in the Baltic market. Only experts with noteworthy experience and knowledge work for Gandrs wholesale, to offer you the most suitable from Gandrs wide range of products. 

Becoming a client you will get:

  • sales specialist support in all cooperation and sales issues;
  • access to the trading system with a discount price level;
  • possibility to use the special product offerings;
  • oportunity to view product samples and get consultations;
  • operational delivery services;
  • storehouse balance providing all year round;
  • product guarantee service; 
  • marketing support ‒ organizing presentations and seminars.


  • phone: +371 6761 2624
  • fax: +371 6761 4927
  • domicile: Kalnciema street 28, Riga, LV-1046
  • delivery address: Kapseļu street 7b, Riga, LV-1046