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Wheelset Red Power 29 HP

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Wheelset Red Power 29 HP




335.00 €
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An excellent choice for all round performance: the Red Power HP is a robust and easy to handle wheel that is able to absorb the shocks from the terrain and maintain good traction.
Dynamic is the key word used to develop these mtb wheels, they are developed using the top end technology in a more all-round performance package.
Wheel size 29 "
By product Sets
Braking system Disc brakes
Tyre width from 1.9 to 2.5
Wheel diameter 29"
Wheel material Aluminum
Rim material Aluminum
Rim height 19,5 mm
Rims width 23,5 mm
Brakes 6 bolts
Front axle compatibility QR/HH15
Rear axle compatibility QR/HH10/HH12/XD
Spokes material Stainless steel
Spokes: Profile technology Rounded, straight pull
Front hub Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
Rear hub Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
Bearings Industrial bearings system
QR compatibility Yes
XX1 Compatibility Yes
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