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Bottle Cortland 720ml

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The new AUTOSEAL® Cortland Water Bottle has been engineered with passion to offer convenience to those on-the-go. This water bottle features AUTOSEAL® technology. Simply press the button to drink and then release it to automatically seal again. This 100% spill proof water bottle also features a carry clip for easy transport, a protective spout cover to keep out dirt and germs, and an easy-clean lid for thorough cleaning.
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Weight 0.17 kg
Catalog numbers 1000-0462, 1000-0461, 1000-0463, 1000-0464
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Color: Mililitres: Placement: Barcode:
Blue 720 ml K28 A L N 840276112942
Green 720 ml K28 A V L N 840276112935
Violet 720 ml K28 A V L N 840276112959
Light blue 720 ml K28 A V L N 840276112966
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