Slippers Model 15

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Slippers Model 15


Pool footwear


0.53 kg

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10.20 EUR
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This aqua shoe with funky dotted print from Aquaspeed is great for protecting your feet on the beach and in the sea (it protects your feet from sea urchin spikes, glass, sharp rocks) and for wearing while snorkeling, swimming, rafting, kayacking etc. It has an adjustable hook-and-loop fastener for a perfect fit and hard black sole with traction to reduce slipping (hovever you should thread wet and slippery surfaces with caution!). The neoprene upper sole has mesh fabric for breathability and drainage. Made of materials resilient to salty water and sun. Warning: Aquashoe does not fully protect from slipping, it should not be used on wet, slippery poolsides and other slippery surfaces!
By product Slippers
Material Neoprene
Weight 0.53 kg
Catalog numbers 15A
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Color: Feet size: Price: Placement: Barcode:
Black / Green 40 0.00 EUR A V N 5908217652720
Black / Green 41 10.20 EUR K28 L 5908217641915
Black / Green 42 10.20 EUR K28 5908217641922
Black / Green 43 10.20 EUR V L 5908217641939
Black / Green 44 10.20 EUR K28 L 5908217641946
Black / Green 45 10.20 EUR K28 A L N 5908217641953
Black / Green 46 10.20 EUR K28 A 5908217641960
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