Rope Salamander 10.2 mm (200 m)

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Rope Salamander 10.2 mm (200 m)


Static ropes


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As the name implies, the canyoning rope Salamander is an amphibian. With a diameter of 10.2 millimetres it has an excellent knotability even after repeated wetting, retains its softness and improved resistance – properties that predeterminate the rope to be used especially in canyoning to where it belongs primarily. Salamander is a lightweight rope which keeps its user-friendly propertiesfor a long time thanks to its construction. The construction and materials used assist in minimizing the shrinkage of the rope in a wet environment. Salamander has a thicker and coarser sheath and floats on water. It is a static rope which is characterized by minimum elongation as a result of the production technology used. In order to facilitate the rope identification even under difficult conditions prevailing in deep and dark canyons, it is made in a distinctive combination of colours.
Application Sports
Amount Meters
Diameter value_51224
Impact force value_51476
Sheath slippage value_51687
Elongation (50-150 kg) value_51828
Material value_51949
Rope diameter 10.2 mm
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