Spoke Richman

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Spoke Richman

Richman spokes

Spokes and nipples


0.01 kg

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0.04 EUR 0.10 EUR
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Steel spokes for bicycle wheels.
Diameter: 2mm
By product Spokes
Weight 0.01 kg
Catalog numbers 811, 812, 224A, 21502902, 21503001, 21503101
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Color: Bicycle spokes: Price: Placement:
Silver 130mm 0.04 EUR 0.14 EUR N
Silver 133mm 0.04 EUR 0.14 EUR N
Silver 248mm 0.04 EUR 0.14 EUR N
Silver 261mm 0.10 EUR 0.21 EUR N
Silver 262mm 0.06 EUR 0.14 EUR K28 N
Silver 263mm 0.05 EUR 0.10 EUR K28 N
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