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Spoke Leader (258mm - 310mm)

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Spoke Leader (258mm - 310mm)


Spokes and nipples


0.01 kg

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The Leader is the recommended choice for a day-to-day usage.
Material: Steel
Color: black
By product Spokes
Weight 0.01 kg
Catalog numbers GCO1431000O, GCO1427200O, GCO1427400O, GCO1427600O, GCO1425800O, GCO1426000O, GCO1426200O, GCO1426400O, GCO1426800O, GCO1427000O, GCO1427800O, GCO1428000O, GCO1428400O, GCO1428700O, GCO1429000O, GCO1429200O, GCO1429500O, GCO1429800O, GCO1430000O
Color: Bicycle spokes: Placement:
Black 310mm K28 N
Black 272mm K28 N
Black 274mm K28 A N
Black 276mm N
Black 258mm N
Black 260mm K28 A N
Black 262mm K28 A N
Black 264mm K28 N
Black 268mm K28 A N
Black 270mm K28 A N
Black 278mm K28 N
Black 280mm N
Black 284mm K28 A N
Black 287mm K28 N
Black 290mm N
Black 292mm A V N
Black 295mm K28 A V N
Black 298mm K28 A N
Black 300mm K28 N
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