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Socks Long Running Socks Light Oxi Jet

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Socks Long Running Socks Light Oxi Jet




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Long Running socks LIGHT COMPRESSION OXI-JET +oxygen +recovery +energy CIF certified. It helps the blood and the lymphatic streams that eliminates injurious substances. Special “gradual weaving tension”(nylon+LYCRA® fibre) to produce a micro-massage action and elastic support in the arch of the foot (Neuromuscular bandaging)-New L+R tip toe, lightly padded and modeled on the anatomy of the five fingers-Anti-friction seam.
Application Adventure sports and running; Running
Material 61% PA - 28% PAMICRO - 8% LYCRA - 3% EA
Weight 0.12 kg
Catalog numbers CA 1274 630, CA 1274 122, CA 1274
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Color: Size: Placement: Barcode:
Blue 35-37 K28 V 8025006533897
Blue 41-43 K28 A L 8025006533873
Blue 44-46 K28 V L N 8025006533903
Green 35-37 K28 A V L 8025006513905
Green 38-40 K28 A V L N 8025006513899
Green 41-43 K28 A V L N 8025006513882
Green 44-46 K28 A V L N 8025006513912
Black / Green 44-46 K28 A 8025006465839
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