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Snowshoes SuperTrimoalp Light

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Snowshoes SuperTrimoalp Light




1.93 kg

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Snowshoe with snowboard type ankle straps, TWO ratchet buckles, TWO notch straps, WITHOUT pad. Extra high climbing step.
Accept all types of boots

Snow TRIMARAN 3D patented TRIMO shape. 7% more floatation surface, morphologic traverse grip, Easy walk forward hull tip.

Very technical. Outstanding foot maintaining. No right foot, no left foot, users boot sizes adjustable without tools from smallest to biggest size; Ideal for Alpine slopes, all terrains

Made in France

Technology : Trim Shape
User weight : 132-212 lb
Terrain : Alpine slopes
Tip Height : 3.70in
Max. width : 8.03in
Length : 24.6in
Weight : 2.13lb per foot
Floatation surface : 2 x 181.35in2
Product Snowshoes
User weight (with equipment) 60 kg
Weight 1.93 kg
Catalog numbers 13MHRAQODLAECOG
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Green / Grey K28 A V L N 1000233305001
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