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Snowboard bindings Radar

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Snowboard bindings Radar


Snowboard bindings


289.00 €
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The Radar is our bombproof all-mountain. Our Natural Cant Plus Interface incorporated throughout the whole binding offers superior shock absorption; increases comfort and reliefs heel impact on heavy landings. The Omichrom Light baseplate, combined with our Polycarbonate High back provides the perfect flex whilst retaining its response when carving. Infinite ankle straps and Hyperflex toe straps, combined with our MG 12 magnesium ratchets ensure that foot pain is a thing of the past. The Radar will see you through the longest and toughest riding days far into the future.
Base plate Omnichrom light
Ankle strap Infinite
Toe strap Toe glove
HI-Back: flex / angle / curve Biomap
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