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Alpine skis SL Fusion ELX 11.0

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Alpine skis SL Fusion ELX 11.0
Elan Skis

Elan Skis



599.00 €
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Short slalom turns represent the basis of the advanced modern skier. SL Fusion is designed to provide them with the maximum level of edge grip, comfort, stability, dynamics and responsiveness. It is a bit more forgiving than SLX Fusion which suites a larger group of advanced skiers. All the modern technology provides a perfect on piste skiing experience. Amphibio® profile provides camber and rocker in the same ski. Camber assures greater edge grip, while rocker allows for faster and more direct turns. Power Spine technology provides special construction that allows for the transmission of body forces to the ski. It has a new lifted binding with improved toe ramp for faster curve initiation and even better performance and transmission of power. Additionally, SL Fusion comes with RST Sidewall, Laminated Woodcore, Mono Ti ... This is a ski for classic slalom enthusiasts.
Profile Amphibio
Application Race
Length / Radius 155(11.7), 160(12), 165(12.4), 170(13.0)
Geometry 120/69/103, 122/69/104, 123/69/107, 124/69/107
Construction Powerspine, RST Sidewall, Laminated Woodcore, Mono Ti
Bindings included Yes
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