Alpine skis SLX Team Plate

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Alpine skis SLX Team Plate
Elan Skis

Elan Skis



429.00 EUR
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Among skiing disciplines, slalom is the most dynamic of them all. It is the type of skiing that requires maximum confidence and trust in equipment. SLX Team Plate fulfills the needs of the most demanding users. Amphibio® profile delivers both camber and rocker profile at the same time. Camber assures greater edge grip, while rocker allows for faster and more direct turns. Power Spine technology provides special construction that allows for the transmission of body forces to the ski. Besides that the SLX Team Plate comes with RST Sidewall, Response Frame Woodcore, Dual Ti ... With this ski every slope becomes a slalom race course.
Profile Amphibio
Application Race
Length / Radius 145(10.9); 151(11.8)
Bindings ER 11.0 FreeFlex Pro (Not included)
Construction RST Sidewall, Responce Frame Woodcore, Dual TI, Amphibio
Core 145(10.9); 151(11.8)
Bindings included No
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