1. Rules of guarantee

Rules of guarantee

Online shop Gandrs rules of guarantee

All products, offered in shop Gandrs, are secured with 2 year guarantee. When purchasing a product, invoice or cheque with the time of purchase works as a guarantee card.

Guarantee covers damages caused by a manufacturing defect or raw material quality. If during the time of guarantee the product shows such problems, let us know, using address shown in contact section. If a repair is needed, take the product with guarantee card and payment confirmation to one of our shops. Free guarantee repair will be carried out according to manufacturer's rules.

To avoid misunderstandings, please, read the product manual carefully.

Rules of guarantee:

  • guarantee doesn't cover mechanical damages, scratches caused by careless use of the product in the process;
  • guarantee doesn't cover product design elements;
  • guarantee repair won't be made to products damaged by water affects, if the product has a “waterproof” sign;
  • the manufacturer has the rights to reject guarantee repair, if there are visible traces of unqualified repair;
  • if the client is not able to show a valid bill or receipt, guarantee obligations are canceled;
  • guarantee service doesn't cover product failures caused by fires, floods, earthquakes or other disasters.

These guarantee conditions are in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law.