1. Rights of refusal

Rights of refusal

Refusal of order

  • You can refuse from your order at any stage of it, also within 30 days after receiving the product ‒ this is provided by the regulatory norms of distance marketing rule.
  • If in the presence of messenger you feel dissatisfaction with the received product, the messenger will draw up legislation and product in the original packaging together with the accompanying documents will be sent back. The shipment will be paid by online shop Gandrs. In order to avoid such misunderstandings, in advance we suggest to study carefully each product detailed description.
  • If, despite the detailed description, within 30 days you decide to return the product, shipping expenses will have to be paid by you. We expect that in this case the product will be only tried on and brought back in condition as you received it, including the packaging and protective film. If value of the product will be reduced because of your actions, we reserve the right to withhold the reduction in the value of the amount refundable.
  • We ensure that all products from the shop are sent to our clients in perfect quality. If, however, within 30 days you find any technical defects or deficiencies (Rules of guarantee), in agreement with us (write an email and we will send detailed instructions) you can send the product back to the shop. In this case, you have the right to request replacement of the product or return of the money (shipping is paid by shop). If the defect does not mach up to the rules of guarantee, after it's avert you will receive a new product with payment after delivery, which will be adequate to the amount of damage prevention and sending expanses.


  • If you have to receive back money because of any higher mentioned reasons, it will be transferred to the account from which it was credited. If you want to receive the money in another account, the details has to be shown separately. If you have paid after receiving the product, refund is given at your post office or sent to your bank account.
  • In the above product returning cases, a five day inspection will be made. If the product has been returned in the same condition as received, shop will transfer the money immediately.