1. Data protection

Data protection

Your data protection and shopping security

We highly appreciate your private data protection. Registration data processing will be completed under the Personal Data Protection Law, so:

  • the information you provide without your consent will not be transferred to the third parties or used without your accept;
  • in the registration process any kind of financial information won't be required. You have to fill in only data, which are required for the purchase delivery accompanying document execution;
  • Important ‒ please check whether received order confirmation is completed with following information for payment:
Name of the company: "Gandrs" LTD
VAT registration number: LV40003021593
Address: Kalnciema Street 28, Riga, LV-1046, Latvia
Bank: Swedbank JSC
Bank account: LV31HABA0551028923113

If you find any discrepancies, please inform us immediately. Our email: veikals@gandrs.lv