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Gandrs offers sandals with soft and durable sole, providing maximum comfort for the foot and adaptation to all surfaces. Thanks to the high quality leather material, sandals can be used in all weather conditions. Women's sandals are specifically designed to accommodate the female body characteristics. All types of sandals has antibacterial protection, which prevents unpleasant odor. Gandrs offered sandals are suitable for activities in nature, tourism, travel and casual wear. Wide range of sandals in our shops are provided by manufacturers Teva, Lafuma, Elan Skis, Vaude and Source.

As the oldest known sandals (and the oldest known footwear of any type) were discovered at least 10,000 years ago, we can conclude that for thousands of years people have prefered sandals that allow your feet to feel free and provide comfort during different activities. From footwear made of willow leaves, twigs, or fibres worn by comic actors and philosophers, sandals have evolved to the most convenient and the most requested pair of shoes nowadays, made of high-quality and value materials. As Gandrs has thought of various desire owners, here you will find both - casual, leisure sandals and hiking, trekking sandals.

For example, Teva Original came from humble beginnings an old watch strap attached to a flip flop – but it has grown into an icon that speaks to the masses. People around the world have accepted the invitation to adventure and adopted the "strap in and go" that allows you to feel free. Everything that Teva does, and everything Teva makes is in service of the adventurous spirit, because they know that unscripted moments are the ones that turn into the best memories.

High quality and comfortable sandals for men and women - shoes that will not let you down find in sports and active leisure shop Gandrs!