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To provide healthy and qualitative leisure for nature lovers and those who are keen on active lifestyle, shop Gandrs offers wide range of tents which will fulfill the highest expectations. Here you will find tents in different sizes for camping, bike tours, mountaineering, hiking etc. Increasing joy of traveling and making the final choice easier, we offer you to select tents by type and number of users. Family tents, tents for trekking, camping and mountaineering – everything needed for various seasons and number of guests. For additional convenience and safety we also offer tent accessories, repair kits and grooming tools, so that you could keep your tent nice and clean even after several seasons of use.

Gandrs provides us with tents thanks to such manufacturers as Eurotrail, Pinguin, Lafuma, Vaude, Fjallraven and Grangers. These tents have a high humidity coefficient for outward material and the floor which won't allow water to come in. Before you buy a tent we recommend to assess the environment and weather conditions in which you plan to use the tent. If you are going on adventures outside Latvia, where nature is harsher and the mountains higher, more suitable will be mountaineering tent which will protect you from even the most stormy weather, but if you are a peaceful leisure and family camping lover, more suitable will be family, camping and hiking tents. When choosing a tent, you should also take into account in which seasons overnight stay in a tent is the most topical for you. We remind that it is also possible to rent tents in our Rent section.