Raincoat Poncho

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This underestimated functional garment should always be included in your equipment when you are out in the wilderness. The poncho has many areas of use. It can naturally be used when it rains, it is just a matter of throwing the poncho over yourself and your backpack. However, a poncho can also be used as a tarp, wind sack or to cover your sleeping bag when sleeping under the stars. It is useful during your day-to-day activities, when commuting to and from work, when you are biking or when you are at outdoor concerts. Add a pair of chaps if you want to have more protection for your legs. Do not miss out on this functional, lightweight solution.
Application For all types of outdoor activities
Wind penetrability 5.000g/m2/24h
Water resistance 5.000 mm
Material 100 % Polyamide;100 % PU membrane
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