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Torch LS 350 I-GO Sport / LS 710 REEGO SET

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35.50 EUR
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The compact LS 350 I-GO® SPORT rounds the TRELOCK successful front light range and offers the ideal start-up product for all cyclists. The LS 350 I-GO® SPORT provides an illumination intensity of up to 15 lux and a light emission duration up to 15 hours. The LS 350 I-GO® SPORT is equipped with a battery capacity display and the ZL 500 standard holder.

New series, clear design, maximum functionality: This, the most
compact rear light series from TRELOCK with the SAFETY LED, is
one of the brightest and lightest. Ideal in combination with the
TRELOCK headlight series LS 950 CONTROL ION and LS 750 I-GO®.
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Visibility Front: 700 m; Rear: 120 m
Mode 3 levels
Power type / Battery Front: 2 x AA 1,5 V; Rear: 2 x N Size
Visible distance Front: 40m
Luminous period Front: 15 h
Output Front: 15 LUX
Power source Batteries
Average weight 0.26 kg
Catalog numbers 8003337, 8003267, 8003269, 8003266
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Black 35.50 EUR K28 V L 4016167043770
Blue 35.90 EUR K28 A V L 4016167043091
White 35.50 EUR K28 A V L N 4016167043107
Pink 35.50 EUR K28 A V 4016167043084
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