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Knife Hercules 0.9043

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Knife Hercules 0.9043


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Packed with 18 functions – including Combi-pliers and an extended Phillips screwdriver – the Hercules pocket knife is a tool chest that you take with you everywhere. With the Hercules at your side, you're ready to save the day several times a day, and your fix-it skills will take on mythical proportions.
Features: blade, large; reamer, punch and sewing awl; can opener; screwdriver 3 mm; bottle opener; wire stripper; screwdriver 5 mm; corkscrew; Phillips screwdriver 0 / 1; wood saw; scissors; pliers; key ring; toothpick; tweezers; Phillips screwdriver 0 / 1, long.
By product Multi-Tools
Weight 0.19 kg
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Black A V 7611160012210
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