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Light My Fire

Light My Fire

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Swedish FireKnife has a blade of hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel and a handle with a high friction rubber grip which is comfortable, easy and safe to use. Profile-grinding makes the blade fine enough to ease out splinters and the back of knife has been ground to work perfectly with the Swedish FireSteel®. The Swedish FireSteel® is durable (3000 strikes), works equally well when wet and creates a 2,980°C spark. 1) Remove paint on new fire-starter with the back of knife. 2) Pull the back edge of the knife slowly and firmly down length of fire-starter. 3) Sparks easily ignite a stove, TinderDust, BBQ, paper, dry grass, birch bark or any other prepared tinder.
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Weight 0.15 kg
Catalog numbers 12112010, 12113310
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Black 37.90 EUR K28 A V N
Green 37.99 EUR K28 A V N
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