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Face masks & balaclavas

Face masks feature an effective moisture-management and insulating layer to keep you warm and comfortable. Active leisure shop Gandrs provides clients with various kinds of balaclavas and face masks which...

Multifunctional scarves

Multifunctional scarves or bandanas for every taste and need you can find in Gandrs headwear section – all season multifunctional scarves, winter and summer multifunctional scarves, neckwarmers, multifunctional...

Shawls & Headbands

Warm shawls, scarves and neck warmers, as well as winter and summer headbands from CTR, H. A. D. Lafuma, Millet and Vaude! If you want to keep your hair or sweat drops out of your face during sports activities...

Hats & beanies

Warm winter hats, sports hats, training hats, summer and autumn hats, hats with heightened protection from sun, knitted hats… Although hats are considered to be a part of fashion and daily outfit, they...


In shop Gandrs you will find a surprising diversity of headwear from highly functional and warm winter hats to colorful multifunctional scarves. For cycle couriers and those who want to protect face and nose from cold, recommend face masks in combination with thin, but warm and wind proof hats. Here you will find various types of inovative technologie combination headwear for heat isolation, water and wind resistance, as well as for protection from sun.

Hat is a universal component of clothing, which will work great in summer heat, hiding your head from sun rays as well as in winter and chilly autumn days when there is nothing better than a warm, high-quality hat. On Gandrs shelves you will find winter and summer hats, women’s and men’s hats as well as hats for children from manufacturers Chaos, Fjallraven etc.

If you are not keen on hats and want to prtect from cold only your ears, more suitable will be headbands, that will protect from cold and wind. Also available headbands for sports activities which will protect your eyes from sun rays. To protect your neck, we offer scarves, neck warmers and general-purpose headwear for any season and activities. For those who want to protect their face in more harsh weather, as well as for winter sports lovers and cycle couriers we offer wide range of face masks and balaclavas. In Gandrs supply you will find face masks for children and adults, provided by manufacturers H.A.D., CTR, Lafuma, Mico, Vaude, Northwave and Millet. Protect yourself with Gandrs headwear in rough winter as well as sunny summer!