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Bar tape Leather Bar Tape

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Bar tape Leather Bar Tape
Brooks England

Brooks England

Grips, tapes, bar ends


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In the Brooks tradition, this bar tape is made of natural leather to make it the perfect complement to your Brooks saddle. The bar tape comes in a kit including:
- 2 strips of light, perforated leather bar tape,
- 2 natural cork and wood bar-end plugs,
- 2 adhesive cloth strips.
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Weight 0.14 kg
Catalog numbers BT02 A07216, BT02 A07202, BT02 A07227, BT02 A07205, BT02 A07207, BT02 A07223, BT02 A07244, BT02 A07229, BT02 A07218
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Red K28 A 831273604646
Black K28 A L 831273600570
Blue A 831273601331
Brown K28 A V L N 831273600594
Green K28 A 831273600600
Violet K28 A 831273601072
Dark green K28 A 831273604677
Light green K28 A 831273603250
Dark blue A 831273603236
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