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Grips Slender Grips Cambium

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Grips Slender Grips Cambium
Brooks England

Brooks England

Grips, tapes, bar ends


0.2 kg

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The design of Brooks Cambium Slender Grips incorporates an aluminium shell around which the bar tape is wrapped in the manner of traditional handlebar tape. The tape is made from organic cotton and rubber and is held in place by aluminium clamps which can be removed to replace the tape if necessary.
By product Grips
Weight 0.2 kg
Catalog numbers CSG2 A06000, CSG2 A06015, CSG2 A06002
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Color: Placement: Barcode:
Black A 831273624569
Beige K28 831273613280
Dark grey K28 A V L N 831273613273
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