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Shoelaces Outdoor Light 180 cm

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Shoelaces Outdoor Light 180 cm


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The Tobby 180cm Outdoor Light Lace is a round tight braided shoelace made from 100% high quality polyester and has a diameter of 3mm, perfect for your hiking boots.
By product Shoe laces
Weight 0.01 kg
Catalog numbers 0242 180 SPORT
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Color: Shoe lace lenght: Placement:
Brown 180 cm K28 A V L N
Black / Red 180 cm K28
Black / Grey 180 cm K28 V
Grey / Blue 180 cm K28 A
White / Red 180 cm K28 A
Grey / Pink 180 cm K28 A V L N
Blue / Grey 180 cm K28
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