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Shoelaces Outdoor Flat 160 cm

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Shoelaces Outdoor Flat 160 cm


Footwear accessories


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Durable, flat type shoelaces made of polyamide material. Use them to replace the shoelaces on your hiking boots and walking shoes. Width: 8 mm.
By product Shoe laces
Weight 0.01 kg
Catalog numbers 0802 160 SPORT
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Color: Shoe lace lenght: Placement: Barcode:
Black 160 cm K28 A V L N 9001406868004
Black / Red 160 cm K28 A V 9001406869865
Black / Grey 160 cm K28 L 9001406869889
Camouflage 160 cm K28 A L N 9001406869230
Brown / Black 160 cm K28 9001406869872
Black / Dark green 160 cm K28 9001406869384
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