Care product Odour Eliminator 100 ml

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Care product Odour Eliminator 100 ml


Footwear accessories


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Eliminate odours on all kinds of footwear and fabric.

Effectively eliminates odours at their source. Works on all kinds of fabric and footwear. Simple spray-on application. Granger’s Odour Eliminator is the perfect way to freshen up any footwear and fabric that can’t be washed – whether through choice, size, or preference.

Designed to work on any type of fabric or footwear – and any other outdoor gear that can’t easily be washed and dried – this odour eliminating product can be used to provide a quick refresher wherever you are. With its spray-on application, Granger’s Odour Eliminator won’t affect any DWR finish or breathable membranes present in your gear, whilst targeting the source of any odours that may have built up.
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