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Care product Leather Conditioner 75 ml

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Care product Leather Conditioner 75 ml


Footwear accessories


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An easy-to-apply wax that conditions and waterproofs your leather boots.

Ideal for full-grain leather footwear. Waterproofs, conditions, and protects your footwear. Maximises the breathability of your boots.
Granger’s Leather Conditioner is the ideal way to add nourishment, water-repellency, and stain protection to your favourite full-grain leather boots.

With its excellent all-round performance, this easy-to-use conditioning product gives your boots an invisible layer of water-repellency and stain protection – while also providing essential nourishment to all your leather footwear. Specifically designed for full-grain leather boots, Granger’s Leather Conditioner is effective whether your footwear is wet or dry – and won’t inhibit the breathable membranes of your shoes.
By product Care and repair accessories
Weight 0.79 kg
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75 ml K28 A V L N 799756005093
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