Care product G-Wax 80 g

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Care product G-Wax 80 g


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All-round protection for leather boots – and a favourite since 1980!

Ideal for full-grain leather boots. Produced using natural beeswax. Protects against water, oil, and stains. Granger’s G-Wax is the perfect way to add water-repellency, conditioning, and stain protection to your full-grain leather footwear.

Providing all-round performance, this easy-to-apply beeswax treatment offers a good balance between excellent water-repellency and leather conditioning, whilst still allowing the breathable membranes of your footwear to function correctly. Designed for full-grain leather, Granger’s G-Wax is versatile enough to care for all of your leather footwear – and is the perfect way to restore the waterproof finish found on your favourite boots and shoes.
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