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Insole G20 Trek

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Insole G20 Trek


Footwear accessories


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Our G20 Trek insoles provide much-needed comfort and support - whatever your adventure.

With a low volume, lightweight build, and incorporating dual-density EVA foam in its design, these insoles give an increased level of comfort and stability over similar products.

As well as helping to wick away moisture with their microfiber top sheet, the dual density foam footbed helps to absorb shock whilst providing unrivaled support. The upshot is a sturdy - and more comfortable - insole that provides comfort throughout the day.
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Weight 0.1 kg
Catalog numbers GINSG20T02, GINSG20T03, GINSG20T04, GINSG20T05, GINSG20T06, GINSG20T07, GINSG20T08
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Feet size: Placement: Barcode:
37 K28 5016652350986
38 K28 L 5016652350993
39 K28 A V L 5016652351006
40 K28 V L 5016652351013
41 A 5016652351020
42 A L 5016652351037
43 K28 A V L 5016652351044
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