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Helmet Mythos 2.0 L.E.

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Helmet Mythos 2.0 L.E.
Alpina Sports

Alpina Sports

Cycling helmets


0.26 kg

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87.90 EUR
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The absolute best seller from Alpina achieves its popularity through its outstanding fit, perfect adjustability, lightweight Inmold construction and because it is excellent value for money. The peak and the integrated fly mesh in the front vents provide protection against dirt and annoying insects. The LE variant features a matt finish.
Application value_67091
Weight 0.26 kg
Catalog numbers A9671132, A9671532, A9671134, A9671333, A9671120, A9671133, A9671334
Color: Helmet size: Placement:
Black 52-57 cm K28 A V N
Black 59-64 cm K28
Grey / Blue 52-57 cm K28
Grey / Blue 57-62 cm K28 A
White / Brown 52-57 cm K28 A V N
Grey / Black 52-57 cm K28 A
Grey / Black 57-62 cm K28
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