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Gloves Crystal Short Gloves

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Gloves Crystal Short Gloves


Cycling gloves


0.05 kg

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9.90 EUR 19.80 EUR
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Ideal for women riders. The perforated microfibre palm with foam padding delivers good vibration protection. Mesh inserts between the fingers increase airflow to ensure enhanced comfort.
+ Microfiber perforated palm increase breathability
+ Foam padding on palm for effective shock absorbing
+ Flexible mesh between fingers allows internal airflow and quick dry
+ Neoprene Velcro closure
+ Reflective flap on side increases visibility
+ Superdry sponge on thumb to wipe away sweat
+ Easy removal of gloves with rings between fingers
Product Short cycling gloves
Application Cycling
Material Lycra, Mesh
Weight 0.05 kg
Catalog numbers 89122006 10, 89122006 21, 89122006 50, 89122006 77
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Color: Size: Price: Placement: Barcode:
Black XS 21.90 EUR K28 A V N 8030819563993
Black S 21.90 EUR K28 A V N 8030819564006
Black M 21.90 EUR K28 A V N 8030819564013
Black L 21.90 EUR K28 A V N 8030819564020
Blue S 21.90 EUR K28 A V N 8030819614442
Blue M 21.90 EUR K28 A V N 8030819612943
Blue L 21.90 EUR K28 A V N 8030819614459
White XS 19.80 EUR K28 A V 8030819564082
White M 19.80 EUR K28 8030819564105
White L 9.90 EUR 19.80 EUR A V N 8030819564112
Black / Purple XS 21.90 EUR K28 A V L N 8030819711059
Black / Purple S 21.90 EUR K28 A V L N 8030819711066
Black / Purple M 21.90 EUR K28 A V L N 8030819711073
Black / Purple L 21.90 EUR K28 A V L N 8030819711080
Light blue XS 21.90 EUR K28 A V N 8030819614435
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