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Nordic skis Delta Step

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Nordic skis Delta Step


Cross country skis


1.21 kg

47.00 €
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A sporty classic ski for the occasional skier. The Delta model features an AirChannell cap construction. Delta is also available with a GG-step pattern, which makes it an excellent choice for rental shops.
Application Classic style
Width 45 mm
Binding plate Non
Base type Wax
Weight 1.21 kg
Catalog numbers AC31921200, AC31921300, AC31921400, AC31921500, AC31921600, AC31921700, AC31921800, AC31921900, AC31922000
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Length: Price: Placement: Barcode:
120 cm 47.00 EUR V 6416173024516
130 cm 47.00 EUR V L N 6416173024523
140 cm 47.00 EUR V L N 6416173024530
150 cm 47.00 EUR V L N 6416173024547
160 cm 47.00 EUR V L N 6416173024554
170 cm 47.00 EUR V L N 6416173024561
180 cm 59.00 EUR V L N 6416173024578
190 cm 59.00 EUR V L N 6416173024585
200 cm 59.00 EUR V L N 6416173024592
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