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Nordic skis Facile Nanogrip Women

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Nordic skis Facile Nanogrip Women


Cross country skis


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The new Nanogrip® Facile W has attractive, cutting-edge graphics to satisfy the growing amount of fashion-oriented women. Available with or without NIS plate.
Nanogrip® is a revolutionary wax free system offered exclusively by Peltonen. Peltonen offers Nanogrip® skis for active and recreational skiers. Works in all conditions, especially when wet / icy. Nanogrip® is a patented innovation utilizing the latest nanotechnology. Skis are carefree, only cleaning needed. No kick wax, no glide wax – just enjoy.
Application Classic style
Geometry 44-44-44
Construction Air Channel
Sliding surface PRG 3000 with Nanogrip
Binding plate Non
Base type Wax free
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