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Nordic skis Infra Cosmic Classic

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Nordic skis Infra Cosmic Classic


Cross country skis


: 1.3 kg

135.74 EUR 226.24 EUR
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The Infra C classic comes with the same easy to ski construction as in the WCR classic skis. Due to a new higher, very elastic wax pocket, less kick power is needed to compress grip zone. There is also more space for kick wax, which reduces drag and increases the gliding properties of the ski. A universal profile with a racing level base material works perfectly in most snow conditions. Wide range of flexes – available also for heavy weight skiers.
Application Classic style
Geometry 44-44-44
Bindings NIS plate
Construction AirCell Aviflex
Base Peltonen Nanobase
Binding plate NIS Plate
Base type Wax
Average weight 1.3 kg
Catalog numbers A2102401882, A2102401952, A2102402022, A2102402023, A2102402072
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Length: Placement: Barcode:
188 cm (medium) V 6417858427011
195 cm (medium) V 6417858427028
202 cm (medium) V 6417858427035
202 cm (hard) V 6417858427134
207 cm (medium) V 6417858427042
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