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Poles Apollo

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Poles Apollo


Cross country ski poles


: 0.25 kg

12.80 €
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Diameter value_66664
Utilization value_66925
Application Sport
Average weight 0.25 kg
Catalog numbers AH03-AP070, AH03-AP080, AH03-AP090, AH03-AP095, AH03-AP100, AH03-AP105, AH03-AP110, AH03-AP115
Availability all the goods in catalog are located in our stores and warehouses;
Length: Placement: Barcode:
70 cm A 6416173082288
80 cm K28 A V L N 6416173082295
90 cm K28 A V L N 6416173082301
95 cm K28 A V L N 6416173082318
100 cm K28 A V L N 6416173082325
105 cm K28 A V L N 6416173082332
110 cm K28 A V L N 6416173082349
115 cm K28 A V L N 6416173082356
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