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Ski boots ISG RS 409

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Cross country ski boots


: 1.65 kg

68.00 €
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Nordic ski boots for adults. Boots are compatible with NNN system. They are waterproof with insulated inner, which will provide dry and warm feet, even at low temperatures.
Application Combi and Touring
Binding system NNN
Average weight 1.65 kg
Catalog numbers RS409
Availability all the goods in catalog are located in our stores and warehouses;
Feet size: Placement: Barcode:
37 K28 A 8594040666880
38 K28 A V L 8594040666897
39 K28 A V L 8594040666903
40 K28 A V L N 8594040666910
41 K28 A V L N 8594040666927
42 K28 A V N 8594040666934
43 K28 A V 8594040666941
44 K28 A V L N 8594040666958
45 K28 A V L 8594040666965
46 K28 A 8594040666972
47 K28 A V L 8594040666989
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