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Sling Anneau

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Sling Anneau


Climbing slings and lanyards


: 0.08 kg

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5.10 EUR Ar klienta karti: 4.08 EUR
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Open loop sling for setting up anchors. Available in four lengths, color coded for easy identification of length.
Material Polyester
Width 19 mm
Strength 22 kN
Application Sports
Type preset_value_984
Average weight 0.08 kg
Catalog numbers C40 60N, C40 80N, C40 120N, C40A 120, C40A 60, C40A 150
Availability all the goods in catalog are located in our stores and warehouses;
Color: Length: Price: Placement: Barcode:
Black 60 cm 5.20 EUR N 3342540070059
Black 80 cm 6.20 EUR K28 V N 3342540037625
Black 120 cm 9.90 EUR V L 3342540084643
Green 120 cm 7.40 EUR K28 V L 3342540103429
Yellow 60 cm 5.10 EUR A N 3342540103436
Dark red 150 cm 8.80 EUR A V L N 3342540105133
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