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Lanyard Evolv Adjust

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Lanyard Evolv Adjust


Climbing slings and lanyards


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Positioning device with two adjustable arms
The EVOLV ADJUST positioning device has two adjustable arms that allow the user to always have the ideal length adjustment for aid climbing.

Detailed description

Positioning device with two adjustable arms, ideal for aid climbing
The ADJUST rope adjusters have an ergonomic shape that offers quick, precise adjustment
Arms adjust from 15 to 150 cm
The connector is held in position by a rubber ring, to facilitate clipping
Dynamic rope positioning device to reduce the force transmitted to the user in case of a short fall (1)
Used with two locking carabiners of the SPIRIT SCREW-LOCK type
Attaches to the tie-in point(s) of the harness with a girth hitch

This product is not personal protective equipment.

(1) For use below the anchor point: the positioning device does not have an energy absorber. This positioning device must only be used when the potential fall factor is less than 1.


Length: 15 - 150 cm
Weight: 220 g
Material(s): nylon, aluminum, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Application Sports
Type preset_value_983
Weight 0.32 kg
Catalog numbers L35ARD
Availability all the goods in catalog are located in our stores and warehouses;
Lanyard size: Placement: Barcode:
1.5 m K28 A N 3342540100862
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