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Climbing shoes Hybrid

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Climbing shoes Hybrid


Climbing shoes


0.52 kg

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Our Hybrid’s best advocates are its wearers! It has easy-going character, but its success is also due to its ease of use and cushioned heel with shock-damping EVA insert. Its fit earns a comprehensive thumbs-up: flat, symmetric outsole and velcro fasteners. It’s ideal on multi-pitch routes, where its comfort-to-performance ratio is amazing. But it’s also the classic indoor shoe. In fact, it’s a great companion wherever you decide to climb.
Material Split leather 1.6 mm
Sole 4 Point Grip Millet 4.5 mm rubber sole
Application For sport climbing on crags, boulders and indoors
Shape Straight
Weight 0.52 kg
Catalog numbers MIG1271
Color: Feet size: Placement:
Black / Green 44 2/3 A
Black / Green 45 1/3 A
Black / Green 46 K28 A
Black / Green 46 2/3 K28 A V
Black / Green 47 1/3 A
Green / Black 41 1/3 K28 A
Green / Black 43 1/3 K28 A
Green / Black 44 2/3 K28 A
Green / Black 45 1/3 K28 A
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