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Climbing shoes Blizzard

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Climbing shoes Blizzard


Climbing shoes


0.5 kg

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This straight-lasted rock shoe is as comfortable as it gets.
+ Straight cut and slightly asymmetrical comfort last
+ Reinforced midsole provides increased stability and support on smaller edges
+ Comfort Tension Heel for heel support and good tension
+ Robust E-Grip solid sole for durability
+ Double pull straps for easy entry and exit
+ All-leather uppers guarantee optimal comfort
Material Leather, rubber
Sole E-Grip Solid
Shape Straight
Weight 0.5 kg
Catalog numbers 72161
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Color: Feet size: Placement:
Black / Green 36.5 K28 A V N
Black / Green 37 K28 A V N
Black / Green 37.5 K28 A
Black / Green 38 K28 A V N
Black / Green 39 N
Black / Green 39.5 K28 A V N
Black / Green 40 K28 A N
Black / Green 41 K28 A V N
Black / Green 41.5 A
Black / Green 42 K28
Black / Green 42.5 K28
Black / Green 43 A V N
Black / Green 44 A N
Black / Green 44.5 K28 A V N
Black / Green 45 K28 A N
Black / Green 46 K28 A
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