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Singing Rock

Singing Rock

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Harness with simple design and padded leg loops mainly for climbing schools, gyms, via ferrata or glacier tours.
-lightweight harness with padded leg loops for higher comfort
-one size fits all (from children to adults)
-3 Rock&Lock smart buckles for easy and fast adjustment
-adjustable leg loops with Rock&Lock buckles allow the harness
-to be put on even with skis or crampons
-reinforced tie-in point/belay loop for increased durability
-tie-in point placed above the center of gravity prevents
-the body rotation in case of fall
-color belay loop for proper tie-in
-attachment point with a full strength 15 kN
-sewed gear loop with a load capacity 30 kg
Application Sports
Type Lower body
Waist belt 60 - 120
Leg loops 42 - 66
Stature UNI
Ventral attachment point yes
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