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Carabiner Steel Oval Screw Gate

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Carabiner Steel Oval Screw Gate
Singing Rock

Singing Rock

Carabiners & Connectors


0.18 kg

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6.90 €
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Material Steel
Closure Screwable
Product Carabiner
Locking system value_45047
Gate opening value_45447
Strength value_45705
Type value_45802
Weight 0.18 kg
Catalog numbers K4241ZO05
Availability all the goods in catalog are located in our stores and warehouses;
Color: Placement: Barcode:
Silver K28 A V L N 8595033329126
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    nevaru pievienot grozam vairāk par vienu STEEL OVAL SCREW GATE karabīni

    • Gandrs Gandrs 10.03.2016

      Ja grozā nevar ievietot vairāk par vienu karabīni, tas nozīmē, ka mums noliktavā vairāk par vienu nav pieejamas. Iesakam šo: http://www.gandrs.lv/karabines-un-savienojumi/13919-karabine-steel-oval-screw/filter:trait:808-473-805/