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Bike bag Challenge Tool Bag

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Bike bag Challenge Tool Bag
Brooks England

Brooks England

Bicycle bags


: 0.22 kg

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79.00 EUR
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The first Challenge was designed and patented in 1896. This tool bag is for fitment to the rear of a saddle bearing bag loops. It features buckles that whilst fastening the bag to the saddle, are located within the hold itself, thus ensuring greater levels of security and the strap that secures the unit encircles the tools it carries, to prevent them from rattling during transit.
Bicycle bags by type Seat post bags
Average weight 0.22 kg
Catalog numbers B7436 A07202, B7436 A07205, B7436 A07247, B7436 A07203, B7436 A07210, B7436 A07207, B7436 A07229
Color: Price: Placement:
Black 82.00 EUR K28 A V N
Brown 82.00 EUR K28 A N
Yellow 79.00 EUR A
Light brown 82.00 EUR K28 A V N
Dark brown 82.00 EUR K28 A
Dark green 79.00 EUR K28 A N
Light green 79.00 EUR K28
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