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Bike bag Micro

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Bike bag Micro


Bicycle bags


0.12 kg

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13.26 EUR 18.95 EUR
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If all you need are the bare essentials, then grab the Saddle-Bag Micro and get on your bike. The roll closure with elastic bungees make it 100% waterproof. Two screws make for a simple fix. An ultralight Saddle-Bag with minimal dimensions. With the click closure, it‘s a breeze to quickly add or remove from under the seat with just one hand. The perfect Saddle-Bag for cyclists looking for minimal weight.
Further features:
lightweight PU-coated nylon fabric | reflector | mounting set e.g. for a second bike (art.no. E97) separately available
Bicycle bags by type Seat post bags
Material PS21
Depth 8 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 11 cm
Weight 0.12 kg
Catalog numbers F9656, F9653, F9651, F9652, F9655
Availability All the goods in catalog are located in our stores and warehouses
Color: Liters: Price: Placement:
Blue 0.6 L 15.36 EUR 21.95 EUR K28 A V N
Orange 0.6 L 15.36 EUR 21.95 EUR K28 A V N
Grey 0.6 L 15.36 EUR 21.95 EUR K28 A V N
Green 0.6 L 15.36 EUR 21.95 EUR K28 A V N
Black / Blue 0.6 L 13.26 EUR 18.95 EUR K28 A N
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