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Care product Extreme Repel 275 ml

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Care product Extreme Repel 275 ml


Apparel care


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Our ultimate spray formulation. Effective water-repellency for a wide range of garments.

Specially formulated to restore the water-repellent finish found on your outdoors and technical clothing.Our best-performing waterproofing solution.Xtreme Repel should be applied to a freshly cleaned garment – we recommend washing with Performance Wash before use.Requires heat activation via a tumble-drier.Suitable for use on all Gore-Tex® and eVent garments.

Granger’s Xtreme Repel is a spray-on solution designed to restore the water-repellent finish to your technical outdoor clothing and equipment.

You might not know it, but your water-repellent clothing and equipment needs regular maintenance if it’s to work at its best. Time, dirt, and even general wear and tear can all stop your garments repelling water – leaving you with little protection from the elements. Fortunately, Granger’s Xtreme Repel is great at restoring and refreshing your garment’s waterproofing lining.

Based on C6 fluorocarbon technology – the same technology used by clothing manufacturers to create a garment’s original water-repellent finish – Xtreme Repel is ideal for use on entire garments, as well as for simply “topping-up” high-wear areas. Ideally applied to garments that have been cleaned with a specific technical wash – such as Granger’s Performance Wash – Xtreme Repel does require heat activation to work. We recommend tumble drying your product as per its care-label instructions.

Granger’s Xtreme Repel is suitable for use on all outdoor and technical fabrics, and is perfect for maximising performance, and extending the durability of Gore-Tex®, eVent, and all other waterproof clothing.

Clothing - Down, Fleece, Soft Shell, Waterproof, Windproof;
Equipment - Down Sleeping Bags, Rucksacks.
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