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Care product 2 in 1 Wash+Repel

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Care product 2 in 1 Wash+Repel


Apparel care


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Cleaning and water-repellency in just one wash – and now using our new fluorocarbon-free technology!

Effectively cleans all technical outdoor fabrics and clothing.Restores and refreshes the water-repellent finish found on your waterproof garments.Clothing Wash and Repel requires heat activation to work – ideally via a low temperature tumble drier.Suitable for use on all Gore-Tex® and eVent garments,Clothing Wash and Repel works at 30˚C, in all types of water.

Granger’s Clothing Wash and Repel is a unique wash-in formulation that delivers effective cleaning, and durable water-repellency, in a single wash cycle.

Combining the powerful cleaning action of Performance Wash with the fluorocarbon-free water-repellency of Clothing Repel, Granger’s Clothing Wash and Repel is the perfect way to regularly maintain your favourite outdoor kit. Not only does it effectively clean your garments, it also enhances the water-repellency of all your outdoor and technical clothing – saving you time, energy, and water.

Based on our environmentally-friendly, fluorocarbon-free technology, Granger’s Clothing Wash and Repel is safe to use in all domestic washing machines. After washing, any garments treated with this product will need to be tumble-dried to activate their water-resistant coating – though ironing or even hair-drying may work in a pinch.

Granger’s Clothing Wash and Repel is suitable for use on all outdoor and technical fabrics, and is perfect for restoring water-repellency to your Gore-Tex® and eVent garments.

Clothing - Down; Waterproof;
Equipment - Down Sleeping Bags; Synthetic Sleeping Bags.
Product Impregnating
Average weight 0.72 kg
Catalog numbers GRF73, GRF86
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300 ml 11.60 EUR A V L 1000225742005
1000 ml 23.60 EUR K28 L 1000225746003
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