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Apparel care

Care products for apparel and various materials - sprayable, as well as suitable for using in washing machine. They provide excellent efficiency when cleaning different types of stains. If the care products are used regulary, they retain such qualities as water resistance, color stability etc.

Gandrs has taken care to make your apparel look perfect even after longer period of wearing, providing you the same pleasant feelings that you had on the day of purchase. With these care products you will be able to effectively clean clothes from dust and dirt, restore waxy cotton clothes look and functionality, as well as refresh the water-repellent coating. Also available merino cleaner for all woolen cleaning - it gently releases from stains and restores the properties of clothing, but the accompanying natural cedar extract, repels moths. For your clothing quality and appearance has taken care manufacturers Granger's and Fjallraven, which specializes not only in clothing care product producing, but also whole apparel producing.

Granger’s was founded in 1937 and since then has created water proofability solutions almost for everyone. This company has helped to reach the top of Everest, as well as protected during various expeditions in North Pole and South Pole. Although the range of products during the years has changed, Granger’s always places product's ability to protect the user and his clothes during all kinds of activities in the first place. With these clothing care products Granger's provides us with peaceful mind, whatever the weather we would expect. Thinking about our planet’s future, all created products are stable and nature-friendly. We remind you that before purchasing apparel care products, it is advisable to check the clothing care labels.