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Connector Swivel Open

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Connector Swivel Open


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Gated swivel with sealed ball bearings
Gated swivel with large opening for attachment to a wide range of products (pulleys, lanyards...). It reduces the bulk and weight of component systems and solves twisting and tangling problems with ropes and lanyards. Sealed ball bearings offer excellent performance and reliability.

Detailed description

Can be attached to a wide range of products (pulleys, lanyards...) because of its large opening.
Reduces bulk and weight of component systems.
Solves twisting and tangling problems with ropes and lanyards in different situations:
- hauling: prevents rope twist when the load turns on itself, thus reducing kinking
- hauling: avoids the risk of friction between ropes, which improves efficiency
- progression with a lanyard: avoids twisting and simplifies manipulations
Excellent performance and reliability due to maintenance-free sealed ball-bearings

Weight: 130 g
Breaking strength: 23 kN
Certification(s): CE, NFPA 1983 Technical Use, EAC
Material(s): aluminum, nylon
Color(s): yellow/black
Application Work
Product Swivel/Connectors
Weight 0.13 kg
Catalog numbers P58 SO
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Black K28 A L N 3342540100367
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