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Ice screw Laser

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Ice screw Laser


Anchors, Pitons, Ice screws


: 0.14 kg

42.00 €
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Ice screw
Starting the LASER ice screw is facilitated by the optimized drill shape. Strength and durability are improved due to the steel tube and specific threading. Screwing is facilitated by the excellent ergonomics of the aluminum hanger.

Detailed description

Starting in the ice facilitated by the optimized shape of the steel drill
Better handling and screwing speed due to the ergonomics of the aluminum hanger
Stronger and more durable due to the steel tube and its specific threading
Steel is treated to reduce weight and increase strength
Easier sharpening with the drill's patented sharpening reserve

Material(s): steel tube and drill, aluminum hanger
Certification(s): CE, UIAA
Application Sports
Product Ice screws
Average weight 0.14 kg
Catalog numbers P71A 130, P71A 170, P71A 210
Availability all the goods in catalog are located in our stores and warehouses;
Ice screw size: Price: Placement: Barcode:
13 cm 42.00 EUR K28 A N 3342540095830
17 cm 43.00 EUR K28 A 3342540095847
21 cm 44.00 EUR K28 A 3342540095854
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